This is a plugin for Kaleidoscope, that adds a NumPad-specific LED effect and applies it when the numpad layer is active.

Using the extension

To use the plugin, include the header, and tell the firmware to use it:

#include "Kaleidoscope-NumPad.h"


void setup() {

  NumPad.color = CRGB(0, 0, 160); // a blue color
  NumPad.lock_hue = 85; // green

Plugin methods

The plugin provides the NumPad object, with the following properties:


This property sets the color that the NumPad keys are highlighted in.

The default is CRGB(160, 0, 0), a red color.


This property sets the color hue that the NumLock LED breathes in.

The default is 170, a blue hue.