Technomancy Atreus¶

This is a plugin for Kaleidoscope, that adds hardware support for the Atreus. Supports both the pre- and post-2016 variants with an A* MCU, the hand-wired variant from FalbaTech with a Teensy2, and the legacy teensy2 variant too.

To select which one to build for, you can either use the Arduino IDE, and select the appropriate Pinout and CPU, or, if using kaleidoscope-builder, you can add a LOCAL_CFLAGS setting to your Makefile

For the post-2016 variant (the default, also used by the handwired variant from FalbaTech), if you want to explicitly select it, add -DKALEIDOSCOPE_HARDWARE_ATREUS_PINOUT_ASTAR=1. For the pre-2016 variant, add -DKALEIDOSCOPE_HARDWARE_ATREUS_PINOUT_ASTAR_DOWN. For the legacy teensy2 variant, add -DKALEIDOSCOPE_HARDWARE_ATREUS_PINOUT_LEGACY_TEENSY2=1.

To be able to flash the firmware, one will need the Teensy Loader CLI tool in addition to Arduino, if using a Teensy. If using an A* MCU, the additional tool is not required.