Core LED Effects

This is the list of the stable LED effects in the core libraries.


A very simple plugin, that lights up the LED in white under any active modifier, for the duration of its activity. Also supports one-shots.


The LEDEffects plugin provides a selection of LED effects, each of them fairly simple, simple enough to not need a plugin of their own. There are a number of different effects included in the package, all of them are available once including the header, and one’s free to choose any number of them.


If you want to have your keyboard signal when it turns on, but you don’t want to use any more complicated LED modes, this plugin is for you. It will make the LEDEffectNext key on your keymap slowly breathe for about ten seconds after plugging the keyboard in (without blocking the normal functionality of the keyboard, of course).


Provides a breathing effect for the keyboard. Breathe in, breathe out.


A simple LED effect where one color chases another across the keyboard and back, over and over again. Playful colors they are.


Two colorful rainbow effects are implemented by this plugin: one where the rainbow waves through the keys, and another where the LEDs breathe though the colors of a rainbow. The difference is that in the first case, we have all the rainbow colors on display, and it waves through the keyboard. In the second case, we have only one color at a time, for the whole board, and the color cycles through the rainbow’s palette.


This plugin provides tools to build LED effects that set the entire keyboard to a single color. For show, and for backlighting purposes.


Demoed in the backer update, this adds an effect that stalks your keys: whenever a key is pressed, the LED under it lights up, and the slowly fades away once the key is released. This provides a kind of trailing effect.

There are two color schemes currently: Haunt, which is a white-ish, ghostly color that follows your fingers, and BlazingTrail, demoed in the video, which lights your keyboard on fire. It looks much better in real life.