The MagicCombo extension provides a way to perform custom actions when a particular set of keys are held down together. The functionality assigned to these keys are not changed, and the custom action triggers as long as all keys within the set are pressed. The order in which they were pressed do not matter.

This can be used to tie complex actions to key chords.

Using the extension

To use the extension, we must include the header, create actions for the magic combos we want to trigger, and set up a mapping:

#include <Kaleidoscope.h>
#include <Kaleidoscope-Macros.h>
#include <Kaleidoscope-MagicCombo.h>

enum { KIND_OF_MAGIC };

void kindOfMagic(uint8_t combo_index) {
  Macros.type(PSTR("It's a kind of magic!"));

  .action = kindOfMagic,
  .keys = {R3C6, R3C9} // Left Fn + Right Fn


void setup() {

It is recommended to use the RxCy macros of the core firmware to set the keys that are part of a combination.

Plugin properties

The extension provides a MagicCombo singleton object, with the following method:


Restrict the magic action to fire at most once every min_interval milliseconds.

Defaults to 500.

Plugin callbacks

Whenever a combination is found to be held, the plugin will trigger the specified action, which is just a regular method with a single uint8_t argument: the index of the magic combo. This function will be called repeatedly (every min_interval milliseconds) while the combination is held.

Further reading

Starting from the example is the recommended way of getting started with the plugin.

RxCy coordinates for a Model01:

rxcy layout