Turn the Esc key into a special key, that can cancel any active OneShot effect - or act as the normal Esc key if none are active, or if any of them are still held. For those times when one accidentally presses a one-shot key, or change their minds.

Using the plugin

To use the plugin, one needs to include the header, and activate it. No further configuration is necessary.

#include <Kaleidoscope.h>
#include <Kaleidoscope-OneShot.h>
#include <Kaleidoscope-Escape-OneShot.h>


void setup () {
  Kaleidoscope.setup ();

The plugin only makes sense when using one-shot keys.

Plugin methods

The plugin provides the EscapeOneShot object, which has one public configuration method:


Changes the Key value that will trigger deactivation of one-shot (including sticky) keys. The default is to use Key_Escape (the normal Esc key), but if you would rather have a dedicated key (so that you can use Key_Escape in combination with one-shot modifiers), there is the special OneShotCancelKey, which will not have any side effects.


Further reading

Starting from the example is the recommended way of getting started with the plugin.