A development and debugging aid, this plugin will measure average mainloop times (in microseconds) and print it to Serial periodically. While not the most reliable way to measure the speed of processing, it gives a reasonable indication nevertheless.

Using the plugin

The plugin comes with reasonable defaults (see below), and can be used out of the box, without any further configuration:

#include <Kaleidoscope.h>
#include <Kaleidoscope-CycleTimeReport.h>


void setup () {
  Kaleidoscope.setup ();

Plugin methods

The plugin provides a single object, CycleTimeReport, with the following methods:


Sets the length of time between reports to interval milliseconds. The default is 1000, so it will report once per second.


Reports the average (mean) cycle time since the previous report. This method is called automatically, once per report interval (see above). By default, it does so over Serial.

It can be overridden, to change how the report looks, or to make the report toggleable, among other things.

It takes no arguments, and returns nothing.

Further reading

Starting from the example is the recommended way of getting started with the plugin.